Understanding and investigating local history is a powerful teaching tool.  To research local history enables us to reflect about American history in new ways.  It can foster debate, it can help to retell history, and it can provide new insights into the importance and significance of history.  Using primary resources in a local context also enriches learning.   

    The mission of UndergroundRailroadResources.org is to provide K-12 teachers with curricula and primary resources for developing their students’ understanding of the Underground Railroad, the economics of slavery, and to create curriculum that is rich with stories of people in our history who have been marginalized and left out of traditional textbooks.

    UndergroundRailroadResources.org incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to examining local history in order to study contemporary issues of freedom, equity, and civil rights.  UndergroundRailRoadResources.org was developed and is maintained by Dr. Denise Dallmer and Dr. Kimberly Clayton-Code.